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Organised. Skilled. Dependable.

Velocity Engage solves software support.


Velocity Engage is a specialist software support company.
We provide software support services to customers who want their business applications to operate effectively and securely
... and to adapt to the evolving needs of their business.
Established in 1998, we have over 20 years experience in providing software services to corporate customers. 

6 reasons why Velocity Engage should power your application software support.

1.  You can focus your energies on strategic initiatives

Keep your people focused on building the future, not maintaining the past.  Dedicate your internal team to delivering the innovative technology platforms that will keep your business competitive and successful.  We will look after yesterday's applications while you build tomorrow's. 

2.  You secure hard-to-find technical skills

Finding people with the skills needed to support previous-generation software is getting more and more difficult.  Good people are hard to find, difficult to recruit and costly to keep as employees.  If you are results driven, Velocity Engage has the answer to your software support.

3.  You can reduce costs

In many cases, you won't need a full-time support person.  Having a part-time resource, whose workload can be scaled up and down, provides cost savings over hiring a regular employee.  We can also reduce expense by leveraging our geographic footprint.  This helps deliver the skills and capabilities needed to provide great software support.

4.  You improve team morale

Let's face it, legacy software support isn't exactly a glamour posting.  Most software developers want new development work or to be involved in strategic software implementations.  Giving your people the most interesting work and best opportunities will have a positive impact on team morale.  This translates into high retention and well-motivated staff.

5.  You break free from the Recruit-Train-Replace cycle

Don't get stuck in the never ending cycle of taking months to recruit new support staff then months to train them, only to have them leave for "better prospects" once they finally become productive.  Then to start the recruitment process all over again, hoping for a better result each time round.

6.  You can leverage flexible staffing

Flexible staffing is incredibly useful when moving to a new software application or core business system.  Hiring regular employees to support this transition may result in an overflow of staff once the transition is done. A preferred approach is to use a flexible resourcing model to look after legacy support and data migration.  Once the old system has been replaced, the legacy support and migration personnel can be released.

About Us

Velocity Engage is a business of the Velocity Group, one of Asia/Pacific's most respected technology management companies.  The Velocity Group was established in 1998 and has grown to become a leading provider of IT services, with customers in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Velocity helps customers manage and enhance their technology investments and operational environments.

Velocity has offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.


Velocity Engage ensures everything stays organised through well-defined, accessible procedures and documentation.  We build a software support knowledgebase so your internal team and users are only a click away from the information they need.


Our support personnel have the deep technical skills and experience needed to provide exceptional support.  They also have the discipline and attention to detail that underpins a superior customer experience.


Our detailed SLA ensures that obligations are well-defined.  Our customers depend on us and we don't let them down. 

About Us

Technology Partners

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What Our Customers Think

Pharma Solutions has enjoyed a pleasant and professional partnership with Velocity for many years. Velocity has provided us with extraordinary IBM technical skills and professional competency.  The Velocity team is very customer focussed, particularly when responsiveness and flexibility are required.

Karina Tammaru, Managing Director

Pharma Solutions

YouGov sought a local partner with a strong track record of success to help us establish our IT development office.  Velocity provided YouGov with Java development resources of extraordinary quality.  Our cooperation with Velocity was a key factor in our success.


Andy Wong, Associate Director


We needed an experienced partner that could assist with the establishment of the LANSA Offshore Development Centre (ODC).  Velocity has been a long-time LANSA Partner and has brought a high level of organisational skill, technical competency and local knowledge to the relationship.  The LANSA ODC is a strategic asset that allows us to better support our global customers.


Steve Gapp, President


SRG Asia required a skilled data migration team for a series of regional ERP and Customer Care projects.  Velocity understood exactly what we needed and provided the team quickly and effectively.  Velocity has that rare combination of understanding people, processes and technology.


Steve Anglicas, Director

SRG Asia


Contact Us

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Hong Kong

David Armitage

Phone:  +852 2915 5096



Peter Maruff

Phone: +61 412 004 817


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