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Velocity Engage solves software support.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Velocity Engage?

Velocity Engage is a specialist software support provider with over 20 years experience in delivering world-class application software support to business customers.

Velocity Engage is a business unit of the Velocity Group, one of Asia/Pacific's most respected technology management companies.  The Velocity Group was established in 1998 and has grown to become a leading provider of IT services, with customers in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Velocity helps customers manage and enhance their technology investments and operational environments.  Velocity has offices in Australia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

How is support provided?

Support is provided by either on-site or remote personnel or a combination of both.  All support requests are tracked through to successful completion.  A Service Level Agreement is put in place to ensure the obligations and expectations of all stakeholders are clearly defined.  Metrics are recorded and reported to ensure service levels meet or exceed those agreed.

How is support managed?


All support is overseen by an experienced Velocity Service Delivery Manager.  Our Service Delivery Managers monitor quality and timeliness of support responses and work with the customer and support personnel to ensure the highest levels of service are attained.


For support delivered under an SLA, the Service Delivery Manager will provide the customer with regular metric and activity reports.


For support provided by assigned staff (either full-time or part-time), the Service Delivery Manager reviews and counter-signs all personnel time sheets.  Periodic reviews of assigned staff performance are also undertaken with both the customer and the individual personnel.   

What types of software support are available?

We provide three types of software support:


  1. Full-time dedicated personnel

  2. Part-time dedicated personnel 

  3. Support is delivered on a task or request basis. Support requests are lodged by the customer;  work is undertaken;  the customer is notified upon successful completion of the request. All work is overseen by an experienced Service Delivery Manager and is carried out in accordance with a formal Service Level Agreement.

One of our key goals is to take on the support of legacy applications so your internal IT team can focus on strategic initiatives and implementing new software applications. 

How are services billed?

Task or request-based support is provided at a fixed quarterly fee based upon an annual or multi-year service contract.  This fee is developed in consultation with you and will take into consideration the number and type of personnel required to meet your support needs.


Dedicated personnel are billed on a hourly basis.  Invoices are issued monthly and supported by detailed, customer-approved timesheets.  Service rates vary depending on the seniority and technical expertise of the assigned personnel.  Contact us for current service rates.

What’s included in the Service Level Agreement?


An effective SLA benefits both the customer and the service provider.  Our template SLA includes the following key details,

  • a thorough description of the services to be delivered

  • the required levels of service

  • the duties and responsibilities of each party

  • the metrics by which service performance is measured

  • remedies for breaches

  • a protocol for adding and removing metrics

  • a mechanism for updating the agreement should support needs change over time

A clear, concise, comprehensive SLA is the foundation for mutual success.

What's the next step?

Contact Velocity Engage.  We are here to help.

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